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BREATHE (2019)


Pressure. People. Society. Run. Stress. Walls. Stuck. Doors. Breathe. Get out. Keep going. Keep going. Move. Leave. LOUD. Escape. Run. Anxiety. BREATHE

Imagine you’re sitting with a group of friends. Wedged in between them, their conversation gets louder and their laughs grow stronger, echoing in your ears. The room gets darker and smaller. Your palms sweating. Your heart beating. You can’t leave. You can’t breathe.


BREATHE. is a portrait of a society. Reflecting this, the film begins and ends as clearly constructed. The viewer listens to the demands of the director and the discussions around how the subject should move next. We are restricted by rules and borders, dictated by other people’s decisions. We work to a constant cycle, we’re born, we’re educated, we work, we die. We’re told to act a certain way, to dress a certain way, to work in a specific field. The anxiety builds and the pressure increases. We often shut ourselves in and can’t find a way out. Through the universal language of dance, the narrative aims to reach any individual. The movements act as a response to the noise and a release from life’s restrictions. 

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